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Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg is fast, professional, and affordable.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Locked Out? Stuck in a bind? As the leading Kyalami locksmith, we are available to you 24/7 at the best rates in town! Call Kyalami Locksmith JHB any time day or night! For Kyalami Locksmith no job is to big or to small! Call Now!
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Residential Locksmith Services|
Voted #1 Kyalami locksmith! We provide the highest standards in residential services, available to you 24/7. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg provides service to the entire Kyalami Estate. Our Locksmith Kyalami is available to re-key your home anytime! Give us a call today!
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Commercial Locksmith Services
Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg specializes in providing our commercial customers with the finest in service in rates. If you are in need of a Kyalami locksmith, give us a call today!
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In A Bind? Call Your Kyalami Locksmith

Lost your keys? Locked out of the office? You need someone to show up quickly and get your problem resolved. How does 15 – 25 minutes sound? That is the typical response time when you place a call to the highest rated Kyalami locksmith, Johannesburg. Don’t be embarrassed by your predicament. Issues like yours happen all the time. That is why Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg is in business; to help out in that exact situation. You can count on Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg service 24/7. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg is more than an emergency service. Our crew of technicians consists of skilled locksmiths who know their trade. We handle all phases of residential and commercial locksmithing and have hundreds of satisfied clients who will vouch for our work and our integrity. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg has built our reputation on our affordable pricing and efficient service.

No matter what your needs and concerns are, Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg will provide a practical and affordable solution. When the job is done, you will definitely feel and be safer and more secure than ever. From basic locksmith work to high tech electronic security devices, we do it, and we do it well. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg carries an extended amount of inventory. That saves time when we do a job. We will show you many of the advances that have developed recently that may be of benefit to you.

Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg specializes in re-keying new businesses and homes. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg are often hired by local realtors, businesses and individuals to change locks or add security to homes and businesses. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg is a longstanding member of the Fourways community. We take pride and satisfaction in the work we do all through the hills. Our goal is to continue on this track and become even stronger.

In a bind? Call Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg, for immediate assistance 011 568 2618. We look forward to helping you

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A Locksmith in Kyalami You Can Trust!
Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg

In Kyalami, if you’re ever locked out of your home or car, or if you’ve purchased a new home or business, there is one name you must know – Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg. Never be stranded again. Never doubt your security. No Johannesburg locksmiths can beat Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg for reliability and professionalism. We all know that sinking feeling that hits hard when we realize that we’ve locked our keys in the car or locked ourselves out of the house. Emotions of anger and frustration set in and are followed by feelings of anxiety or panic at the thought of not knowing what to do. This sense of helplessness is only amplified for drivers who are stranded in locations far away from a helpful network of friends and family. The driver frantically questions whether he or she should break a window or try to contact someone who could help find a spare key.

These are not questions that any stranded motorist or homeowner should have to ask. And, he or she should never feel isolated from someone who can help. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg is always close at hand to provide aid in a time of need. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; when you need us, we will be there in 15 to 25 minutes. At Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg, we pride ourselves on always being available for a driver or homeowner in crisis. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg will get you back into your car or home in no time at all.

Lockouts are not the only problems that we solve at Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg. A home’s or business’ existing locks can pose a problem as well. When a buyer purchases a new home or business facility the last thing on his or her mind is the quality of the structure’s locks. The excitement of owning a new home, moving in and getting settled often overshadow thoughts of security, as do the concerns of running a new business. But, unfortunately, a criminal element exists in Kyalami, and owners should take every precaution necessary to protect their homes and businesses. Whether your home or business facility is new or you’ve occupied it for years, Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg can make sure it is safe and secure, protecting you from vulnerability.

At Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg, we offer only the best in lock-security upgrades. Our highest security locks provide complete protection against bumping, picking and drilling. This means that your home or business will be protected against unauthorized access. Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg also offer repair services for existing locks. While locks are the physical products we provide, the intangible gain that our customers receive is peace of mind. The knowledge that your home or business is completely secure is truly priceless.

Find out why no other Kyalami locksmiths can match our services.


At Kyalami Locksmith, we recognize that lockouts in Johannesburg North are a serious concern, but we also offer professional services for other situations. Given the impact of the foreclosure crisis in Kyalami, the need for re-keying has become a serious issue. Kyalami Locksmith is competitive and competent. Kyalami Locksmith can re-key your entire Johannesburg home or Fourways business in order to provide you with peace of mind. Knowing that you are the only one with keys to your Kyalami home will allow you to keep your family safe. If your Fourways business address was previously used by another company, it’s sensible to make sure that your Vorna Valley site is re-keyed in order to protect your area and your assests.


Kyalami Locksmith recognize the nature of the Fourways community we serve, realizing that Johannesburg residents may need a locksmith to respond at unusual hours. Kyalami Locksmith is available 24/7, ready to help you at your home or at another location. Kyalami Locksmith specialize in automobile lockouts, and we pride ourselves on being fast, professional and affordable.

Lock bumping has become a serious security risk. Unfortunately, those with criminal intent are able to alter keys in such a way as to gain access in spite of deadbolts and other safety precautions. More details are featured at our website, but it is important to recognize the risks associated with substandard lock installation. Kyalami Locksmith is able to provide suggestions of lock choices that will provide you with greater security and peace of mind, limiting the potential for this frightening phenomenon happening to you.

Kyalami Locksmith provides discounts and deals for new customers and for complete home re-keying. You are able to explore our website for information, or you can contact us at 011 568 2618 in order to obtain information, get emergency assistance, or arrange for an estimate.

Speed Dial!

Kyalami Locksmith knows that people get locked out of their homes and cars all of the time. This is why you should have our Kyalami Locksmith number on speed dial. Kyalami Locksmith is here to offer people the best locksmith services in the Kyalami area. Kyalami Locksmith understands what customer service is really about. Kyalami Locksmith professionals have years of experience in the industry. Kyalami Locksmith can do everything from emergency lockout solutions to replacing and upgrading locks and security systems. The following are just some of the things you can expect by working with Kyalami Locksmith.

Expert Service

Kyalami Locksmith only hires professionals who understand both older and newer models and techniques. This means that both residential and commercial properties can be properly serviced and that one will always have professional locksmith service. Kyalami Locksmith experts understand how to diagnose issues quickly and efficiently, how to perform basic services like key replacement, and how to explain different lock and security systems. This is a chance to work with experienced professionals who understand what they are doing. Kyalami Locksmith will get the job done right the first time without ever over-charging you.

Emergency Services No Matter the Location

Kyalami Locksmith is Mobile! Kyalami Locksmith will come to your location no matter the day or time. This is incredibly important if a person has locked him or herself out of their home, office or car. No one wants to be in this situation. Kyalami Locksmith will send professional locksmiths to your location as soon as you give us a call. This makes an intense situation far less stressful. Kyalami Locksmith will also replace any and all locks if keys have been lost of stolen. This protects people from theft and from future harm. Kyalami Locksmith will show up quickly and will get you out of harm’s way fast.

Kyalami Locksmith are here to help people. Customer satisfaction and safety are our chief concerns. This is why we are a popular locksmith option in the Barbeque Downs area. Give Kyalami Locksmith a call today so that we can explain all of our services, rates and security options. Kyalami Locksmith will always go the extra mile for people. This is why you can trust Kyalami Locksmith to be there when you need us the most!

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"Fast emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." Kyalami Locksmith Johannesburg is fast, professional, and affordable. Emergency Locksmith Services Locked Out? Stuck in a bind? As the leading Kyalami locksmith, we are available to you 24/7 at the best rates in town! Call Kyalami Locksmith JHB any time day or night! For Kyalami Locksmith no job is to [...]

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